OpenValidator 2.7

Make sure your web is validated to Web standards


  • Integrated with most browsers
  • Edit and modify code in real time
  • Error panel readout


  • Can be prone to instability


OpenValidator is a validation tool for web developers that lets you know if your web pages are displaying properly across different browsers and languages.

The reason for this is it ensures your code complies with International Standard ISO/IEC 23026-2006(E) which is the level that all websites should comply with in order to display properly across browsers and languages.

OpenValidator simply takes a URL address and analyzes errors and inconsistencies, highlighting any problems that may be causing your page not to load properly. It then allows you to edit the code in real time, undo and redo actions and then finally export the results for testing again.

Be careful when testing sites because once you run an analysis, OpenValidator either becomes very unstable or won't stop at all which can be annoying if you're analyzing a huge site.

OpenValidator is an important tool for any web developer that wants to be sure their website displays properly.

New feature: CSS level 2.1 validation.


  • New feature: CSS level 2.1 validation.


OpenValidator 2.7

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